What do we drive?

Our vehicle of choice is an Ural 750cc Motorcycle with a sidecar. It is a rugged workhorse that hugs the road solidly. This machine has been inspected and certified for passenger transport and fully insured through the provincial insurance corporation, ICBC.

How many can ride?

The Ural seats two on the motorcycle itself, the driver and a passenger, plus one more passenger in the sidecar.

Who can ride?

Riding a motorcycle and sidecar requires some range of motion. For the greatest comfort, the factory recommends a maximum weight of about 275 pounds (124kg) and a minimum age of 8 years old.

What about helmets and clothing?

All riders in Canada require helmets. It’s the law, plus safety is one of greatest concerns. Helmets for all riders are provided by us. We recommend wearing seasonal clothes, including an exterior shell like a windbreaker even if the weather is mighty fine. The forward motion of the motorcycle generates its own wind and could feel a little brisk near water. Enclosed footwear is required for the back seat rider. The trunk of the sidecar contains extra layers we can provide if needed. Sunscreen might be required and sunglasses – because they look cool on a motorcycle!

When should I book a tour?

Advanced bookings are always a good idea, especially if you only have a short window of opportunity while in the city. For most tours, we can generally accommodate shorter notice tours. We can pickup and drop off at just about any location in the downtown area.

How do I pay?

Our payment choices are MasterCard, Visa, Amex, Discover, and of course, cash.

Do you offer custom tours?

Short answer – YES! Contact us to discuss your plans and we can develop a tour to your specifications.

What happens if it rains?

Tours will still go ahead in light drizzle – we provide ponchos. Of course, if there is a torrential down-pour, we can reschedule the tour for you.